Shopping for guns & parts


Once again, we're looking for a 5.56 NATO "assault" rifle (thinking Sig Sauer M400 Enhanced), and some tac gear for both that & our Mossberg Maverick 88 Security. Just trinkets & doodads for the rifle, but I've seen the whole shebang for the 88 -- rails, pistol-grip slide, and a foldable shock-absorbing stock. Laser & flashlight needed for both, obviously. Maybe rail-mounted bayonet fixtures, if they have such things in this day & age. Any sites to recommend or avoid?

User-owned modem/router combo on TWC

It looks like I screwed myself. (sorry, no pics)

I bought a "badass" Netgear CG3000D to replace TWC's crappy modem, and to release me from paying them for it every month.
When I brought it in to get it authorized, they were even excited to see the cool thing I had! Neat! Great!

Not great. It turns out it doesn't want to communicate with them. Its MAC is authorized, they can see it, and it talks to them. No bueno. They say it isn't cooperating.

Anyone here been through this before?


If someone is looking for cheap PC, newegg has one for $280...

Shell-shocker deal.. 3.8GHz AMD Vishira Quad, 8GB memory, 1TB WD blue, case, PSU, DVD-RW, 5k series Radeon all for $280. I JUST ordered a budget-build for a friend based on the cheaper 3.6GHz A8-5600K, and it was $330... Seeing this pop up this morning made me sick, but I figured I would at least spread the link around in case anyone else was looking for something.

Swap in a decent video card, and this would make a great gaming rig, also.. Hell, I'm sure it would play a lot with the card it comes with.