Alright, Maggots! Time to show me your stuff! Drop and give me 20. Well, give Steam 13, at least.

Arma II keeps dropping in price, and is now less than thirteen American moneys. On the G+, I've been talking with a number of people who seem to want to get a team or clan or whatever it's called going.

Purely casual, as in fact there is such a thing as casual Arma II, if you stay off of the public PVP servers. I think that's where we've gone wrong in the past.

240Hz > 60Hz (and 3D > 2D)

If your graphics card can cruise happily at 60fps in your games of choice (with "wait for vertical sync" turned on), I strongly, strongly recommend at least a 120Hz monitor; 240Hz if you can get it. While 24 fps is all that is needed to "maintain the illusion of movement", the human eye samples much faster than that in practice, and the difference between 60fps and >= 100fps is mind-blowing.

Also, while the effect is far more subtle, my first-person gaming has slightly improved with the switch from a 2D monitor to 3D.


A couple of guys at work are messing with this "augmented reality" game that was produced by a start-up within Google; some sort of "capture the world while you figure out the conspiracy plot" thing. My first inclination is to stay away, but it does look kinda neat in some ways. Anyone have any experience with it? Does one really have to get caught up on the eight months (edit: more like twenty months; it seems that maybe it was released a year earlier than I thought) worth of daily back-story in order to understand what's going on with it?

in Raleigh on June 6th

I'll be down in Raleigh on June 6th for a Widespread Panic concert.
If anyone is interested in meeting up to join, let me know. There is also
Saturday, although I'm not sure my sleeping situation that night. I'm staying
with some friends parents or sister Friday night and they might be going back
home Saturday.