You gotta love a CPU that isn't even available with a stock fan!

My linux box was suffering from low ram... I use it a ton for work, and between webex, office, a million tabs, soft token, thunderbird, and Remmina it was also bogging down the old Phenom II x3 I had in it... So what to do? Upgrade my gaming machine!!!

Wait.. WHAT?!

Alright, Maggots! Time to show me your stuff! Drop and give me 20. Well, give Steam 13, at least.

Arma II keeps dropping in price, and is now less than thirteen American moneys. On the G+, I've been talking with a number of people who seem to want to get a team or clan or whatever it's called going.

Purely casual, as in fact there is such a thing as casual Arma II, if you stay off of the public PVP servers. I think that's where we've gone wrong in the past.